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Hello friend! Wicker baskets are cheap and plentiful at thrifts stores. Have you noticed that? This is a really easy way to age wicker baskets and there are just a few steps. Stain the basket using a dark stain. Apply with an inexpensive stiff bristle brush. I got mine from the dollar store.

Vintage and Antique Baskets

Beautiful large collie dog, a s vintage R B Made in Japan ceramic planter. Vintage Imperial candlewick pattern glass basket in excellent condition – pretty for flowers, or as a candy dish. Vintage hand blown glass basket – this isn’t marked or signed that I could see, but I believe it’s probably Murano glass, made i Vintage Imperial carnival glass basket, hobstar and waffle block pattern looks a little like Imperial’s Monticello with daisies!

Set of eight vintage soft plastic baskets marked Hong Kong.

Single weave rivercane basket by In the southern Appalachians, fragments of rivercane baskets have been found that date to the s and s; in , of the “last old woman who preserved the art of making double-walled baskets.

MBH was founded by expert antiquarian Thomas Hayes in the s. An antique dealer, Hayes treasured baskets and all things historic architecture and furniture. Wicker and rattan furniture has such an incredible history: Wicker and rattan designs are found by archeologists in nearly every early civilization from ancient Egypt to Native America to Southeast Asia and everywhere in between. During Medieval times when Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road to Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, ships gathered goods, including wicker and rattan pieces, to trade globally.

Wicker and rattan basketmaking is an ancient art form that dates back thousands of years in Southeast Asia, where we still proudly source from today. The column pedestal was dreamt up by the ancient Greeks and later widely adopted by the Romans in 2 AD, and the urn shapes we reference date back to as early as BC.

We debuted our first wicker urn in the s and have reissued it every few years as trends come back around. This season, we are excited to once again re-release it! Color Finishes Fabric Options.

Antique Biedermeier Cabinet, 1820s

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Sarah Bartholomew for Mainly Baskets Home. An antique dealer, Hayes treasured baskets and all things historic architecture and furniture. by the Romans in 2 AD, and the urn shapes we reference date back to as early as BC.

Rivercane was once one of the most abundant plants in the southeast. It is the most traditional material used by the Cherokee with evidence of its use going back years. In the southern Appalachians, fragments of rivercane baskets have been found that date to the s and s; some scholars believe that this tradition may have begun as early as AD. In the 18th century, there are several comments that record the abundance of rivercane, and a few statements that describe rivercane baskets in particular.

Most of these observations are from 18th century expeditions into the southern mountains by explorers and naturalists. Native rivercane grows along the streambanks of western NC rivers. Rivercane left is sometimes confused with its larger cousin, bamboo right. Also in the 18th century, there are a few published descriptions of Cherokee baskets. In his Natural History of Carolina, Catesby commented on the quality of native basketry.

How to Identify Antique Baskets

Thank you to those who support this site. Collecting antique baskets from galleries, dealers, auction houses, individual basketmakers and gift shops. Auction houses around the world like Skinner, Garth’s Auctions, Inc. Julia, Inc. Munn, Cowan’s Historical Americana, Desert West Auctions and many others are teaming up with online services to make it possible for basket collectors to make live bids from home if they can’t be in attendance at the live onsite auctions that feature baskets.

They offer an appraisal service, and over 32 years of experience with native American Art.

Coiled ryestraw open basket, southeastern Pennsylvania, early 20th century. A few rare documented ryestraw baskets, probably dating from the early s.

Basket-weaving is one of the oldest known Native American crafts–there are ancient Indian baskets from the Southwest that have been identified by archaeologists as nearly years old. As with most Native American art, there were originally multiple distinct basketry traditions in North America. Sponsored Links Different tribes used different materials, weaving techniques, basket shapes, and characteristic patterns.

Northeast Indian baskets, for example, are traditionally made out of pounded ash splints or braided sweetgrass. Cherokee and other Southeast Indian baskets are traditionally from bundled pine needles or rivercane wicker. Southwestern Indians make baskets from tightly coiled sumac or willow wood, and Northwest Coast Indians typically weave with cedar bark, swamp grass, and spruce root.

Northern Indian tribes like the Ojibwe and Dene craft birchbark baskets, and the Inuit even make whale baleen baskets though this is a more recent tradition than the American Indian ones. As native people were displaced from their traditional lands and lifestyles, their traditional tribal basketweaving styles started to change somewhat as they adapted to new materials and absorbed the customs of new neighbors, and in places like Oklahoma where many tribes were interred together, fusion styles of basketweaving arose.

However, unlike some traditional native crafts, the original diversity of Native American basket styles is still very much evident today. If you are looking to buy baskets that were actually made by Native Americans–either because it’s important to you to have the real thing or because you want to support native people with your purchase–then here is our list of American Indian artists whose basketry is available for sale online. If you have a website of native baskets to add to this list, let us know We gladly advertise any individual native artist or native-owned art store here free of charge, provided that all baskets were made by tribally recognized American Indian, Inuit, or First Nations artists.

Thank you for your interest in Native American art!

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Archaeologists have found evidence of Native American versions dating to B.C. one views collections of original baskets in museums and antique shops.

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Lowcountry Baskets

I made my case for why I think we all need to start hanging baskets on our wall as decor art? This is what the thrift store basket started out looking like. A boring plain straw color and it looks extra cheap. Like it was probably the base for some drug store gift basket or something. Oh, but wait….

Rose Victoria Antique Northern Maine Splint Basket, Early American Coffee Dating With Him – – – Coffee Dating Work – Picnic Date, Vintage Baskets.

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For as long as people of African descent have lived in Carolina, they have made baskets. The early history of the lowcountry coiled grass basket parallels the rise of rice cultivation on the southeastern coast of North America. The skills associated with growing rice and processing the grain were familiar to Africans, especially people from the upper Guinea coast, where Europeans saw rice under cultivation as early as , and people from the inland delta of the Niger River, where rice has been grown for two thousand years.

Like the grasslands and marshes of western and central Africa, the coastal wetlands of Georgia and South Carolina provide grasses and plant fiber appropriate for making coiled baskets.

Chinese Antique Chinese Basket Beautiful and sturdy woven tall baskets from China. The design of the basket’s woven pattern and the crisscross of the wooden.

Antique baskets are collected for investment purpose, and for their beauty and functionality. The resale value remains steady for distinct antique baskets; most notably Native American baskets. Many different types of antique baskets were made from all over the world as well. There is quite the variety to be found for a broad range of collectors. Antique baskets are available in many different shapes and sizes. Look over your basket to see if you have a highly collectible Native American antique basket.

The weave is the defining factor. Baskets were often woven in an “over and under” style. Designs and patterns on the exterior of the basket can identify the distinct Native American tribe. Antique Native American baskets can be quite valuable and are highly desirable among collectors. See if your basket is made from wood.

Baskets, Boxes & Suitcases Through The Ages

The one basket that he alone developed is the friendship basket. Condition is excellent I can see no stitch loss or damage Size inches long by inches high by inches wide at base. For that one basket. A wellknown maker who often used poplar on the bottoms.

I also repair antique baskets. I repaired a basket last year that someone found in the attic of the house they had just moved into. It had been initialed and the date.

In about twenty minutes, you can make brand new baskets look like they’ve been around for years! I knew when I purchased them that the baskets were too new for my liking. Instead, I simply made a couple of cups of black tea cooled and got out my white vinegar and steel wool. Simply brush the surface of the basket with the tea and while it’s still damp, dip the steel wool in the vinegar and wipe it on.

There’s a reaction between the vinegar and steel wool with the tannins in the tea. If you want a darker color, simply soak the steel wool in the vinegar over night prior to using it. These baskets will continue to age over the next several weeks with exposure to the elements and some of the dark spots will lighten but they blend in perfectly with the few empty vintage baskets that I was able to find hidden away in a corner where, apparently, no one else saw them or they would have been full too!

If you’d like to see more of my tea and vinegar-aged bushel baskets and how they look on my porch, stop by on Friday! I’m sharing this post at: Nancherro. Featured at: Good Housekeeping. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Indian Baskets how to Identify Pima Baskets vs Apache Baskets

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